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Transportation and Logistics Business Solution

Fleet, Shipment and Safety Management for Logistics

Transportation management relates to the processes and systems used to manage the transportation of goods and cargo as part of supply chain or logistics management. It is the effective planning and management of logistics operations to maximize the use of resources while keeping costs low as well as to improve delivery quality. However, on daily operations of transportation fleets, there are many challenges facing fleet managers. This includes,

  • Tracking the location and route where drivers are taking
  • Controlling unauthorized use of company assets – using vehicles outside of work hours or outside of designated areas
  • Monitoring inappropriate drivers’ behaviour and dangerous driving
  • Collecting detailed and accurate information to manage fleet operation, problem during shipment and expenses
  • Maximizing assets utilization – planning shipment, optimizing route

Fleet Management means managing a company’s vehicle fleet, e.g. commercial motor vehicles like trucks, vans and cars. Managing a fleet is a challenge. Thus, poor management can result in overall efficiency as well as additional costs, such as high fuel costs, speeding fines, excessive maintenance bills, and potential litigation risks to the company. On the contrary, good management improves overall safety and delivery performance, which in turn increases revenue and also reduces costs.

As a result, specialized software or system is essential for today’s transportation and logistics industry, especially, transportation management system and fleet tracking system. NOSTRA LOGISTICS is the professional GPS vehicle tracking system integrated with fleet and safety management system as a one single software platform for transportation and logistics businesses. Fleet managers are able to track and monitor real-time vehicles’ location and route, optimize operations, detect suspicious activities and collect useful information on your vehicles or shipment as well as on your drivers’ behaviour. By NOSTRA LOGISTICS, fleet efficiency and cost saving solution, managers get valuable information and insights for maximizing fleet performance and solving problems faster and smarter.

What NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Transportation and Logistics Business Can Do For You?

NOSTRA LOGISTICS completely offers a different number of features designed in order to meet transportation businesses’ needs including tracking & monitoring, fleet management, shipment management, and safety management. With our powerful tracking software together with our certified GPS tracking devices, fleet managers or users are able to precisely track vehicle location or shipment status in real-time via NOSTRA Map which is the most reliable online map in Thailand. On top of that, the system is able to integrate telematics devices and sensors that helps to promote safer and better driving, and also reduce waste costs. So managers can monitor and get notification on conditional situations or driving behaviour from their vehicles to prevent the accidental and litigation risks to company, along with the summarized report and drivers’ behaviour report on the dashboard that is easy for making good decisions in business and saving time process. These telematics technology and big data have been used in the Thailand smarter transportation companies which is the valuable utilization of the data instead of just tracking their vehicles.

Not only the tracking and controlling vehicles, but also comfortably managing the transportation operations with shipment management function to maximize your budget and improve efficiency in a one single system. For example, users are able to track planned shipment in 24×7 and view the shipment status comparing to the plan with Shipment Timeline function. Shipment Timeline Dashboard gives enough information about the list of planned shipments and waypoints in daily, the status of each shipment that can alert you in real-time when shipment delayed, and the expected arrival time of each shipment, to reduce your customer enquiries towards the shipment and also save operating time and cost for solving the problems to your transportation team. NOSTRA LOGISTICS provide value-added services, improve customer service and operations, make better business decisions and increase the delivery quality standard to your transportation business.

Data Analytics Insight on Shipment Report and Driver Behaviour Report

Visualize your detailed report and gain data insight, otherwise you would miss. The NOSTRA LOGISTICS’s Shipment Report give quick and actionable insights. It shows you the total of shipments and waypoints during a particular date range (during the offer) and retraces a vehicle’s route on a map that help you better understand and evaluate the true performance of shipment, and also defines the cause of late shipments to improve operations in future.  An another useful report, Advanced Telematics Report, analyses and indicates the drivers’ performance on shipment that managers can use for planning and improving properly drivers’ driving skill and habits to minimize fuel-wasting behaviour and ensure safe driving. Also, Driver Debrief report, the summarized inappropriate driving report at the end of each trip, captures information when a particular infringement has appeared (all alerts on defined conditions) for using as an additional valuable information to communicate to those drivers to know how improvements can be made to achieve the goals.

What are Benefits of NOSTRA LOGISTICS?

Improve Transport Efficiency and Maximize Fleet Utilization

With the accurate data and analytics provided by NOSTRA LOGISTICS System, companies can  maximize the use of vehicles and improve transport efficiency. Furthermore, many areas of business can be properly improved with the right data to increase performance.

Monitor Driving Behaviour, Reduce Accidental Risks and Costs

Having a good fleet and safety management system does not only help companies monitor individual driving habits of their drivers but also collect critical information about the vehicle status. That is able to control the drivers, fleet operation and costs, and also reduce risk of accidents and damage to goods.

Manage Fleet, Transportation, and Safety on a One Single Software Platform

Because goal of fleet management switches from tracking to efficiency, NOSTRA LOGISTICS System provides all in one single software platform for tracking vehicles and shipments in real-time, optimizing productivity of transportation management, and enhancing drivers and fleets safety. In addition, it offers summarized analytic report as a data insight via powerful dashboard that is easier to understand for making a better business decision. The system give valuable investment and ensure businesses are able to provide a more effective and reduce operation costs.

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  4. สิทธิขอให้ผู้ควบคุมข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลดำเนินการลบ หรือทำลาย หรือทำให้ข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลเป็นข้อมูลที่ไม่สามารถระบุตัวบุคคลที่เป็นเจ้าของข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลได้
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