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Agriculture Logistics Solution

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The food sector plays a significant role in the economies of countries, particularly in developing nations. It is also a significant component of global trade in Thailand. Although agriculture has been developed and driven over the past several centuries in Thailand, still facing with problems from several factors, such as agricultural productivity, agricultural products processing and storage, price and market system, and transportation and logistics, etc.

From those factors affecting to agribusiness, transportation and logistics technology are crucial. They are one of technologies that help increase agricultural product management and storage efficiency during the process of storage and transportation, and reduce the losses of products after harvesting. For example, many agricultural products may be damaged by over 30 percentages of total. Because most of them are fresh products, easy to be rotted and spoiled, and they are perishable goods. These are physical limitations of agricultural products that need the high-quality of postharvest system and logistics. They need to control the transportation process in timing and quality of products to the market, such as reducing disease, controlling the temperature that affects to the spoilage and ripening, increasing the safety for delicate products, maintaining the quality of products or extending the product life.

Apart from maintaining the quality of products during the transportation, the problem of fleet management for transportation and agriculture is the important thing that entrepreneurs are facing with. In the past, transportation and logistics in agribusiness are carried on without any technology and information for management and monitoring. While business executives in agricultural transportation, agribusiness, or hire or rental vehicle business for agriculture, are questioning and need the answer for monitoring, planning, and improving their works. Whether where is the current location of freight vehicle? Is it in the work zone? What’s the distance and duration while it’s in the shipment process? What’s the start time and end time in shipment? What’s the current status of the vehicle? When is the vehicle maintenance? Business executives will be able to find these answers from NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Agriculture Logistics solution.

What NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Agriculture Logistics Can Do For You?

GIS Company Limited has developed the total solution for agriculture. For the part of technology for cultivation and storage planning, we have a Geographic Information System (GIS). This is the technology for spatial analysis with geographic data, such as a precisely detailed terrain map of Thailand, to help you estimate the suitable plantation area, measure and calculate the area size, including the efficient area analysis and area utilization planning.

For the postharvest agricultural product management and transportation, we have developed NOSTRA LOGISTICS Application which is the management technology for transportation and tracking with GPS applied for agricultural product transportation. This system is able to set the shipment route and able to precisely monitor the location of the fright vehicles while it’s running and parking. Also, it enables us to install sensors for monitoring the operation of the vehicle engines and machines, for controlling products’ quality and safely deliver to the destination. With this system, we can plan the vehicle maintenance from historical data as well. Nowadays, agribusiness entrepreneurs use the NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Agriculture Logistics solution to manage their products, such as sugar cane, pineapple, corn, rice, etc.

Greater Efficiency

NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Agriculture Logistics provides functions supporting the transportation management for tracking, monitoring, visualizing, analyzing, and reporting the summarized asset utilization and efficiency. And this can install driver assistance system and driver safety monitoring system from Telematics technology such as online digital camera called Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR), for recording any events during the transportation. Also, it supports the connection of any sensors using for monitoring the operation of devices or any part of them, such as the freezer room temperature, trailer doors, and oil filler cap, until monitoring the operation of machine installed with the truck, such as the start engine, lifting machine, or turning machine.

By using the technology of GPS Tracking, Telematics, Internet of Thing (IoT), Cloud Service, combining with Big Data Analytics from NOSTRA LOGISTICS, this will improve the efficiency of agricultural products transportation and reduce the wasted costs in using of vehicles, time, and the petrol. We can use the data from this system to analyse and find the solution for improving the operation process and asset use in the transportation.

Real-Time Awareness

NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Agriculture Logistics helps the business executives, who are in agribusiness, agricultural product transportation services, or even hire or rental vehicle business for agriculture which are tractor, excavator, harvester, etc. to monitor the timing and status of the vehicle, also the current location of truck or any vehicles for agriculture in real-time.

Business executives or transportation managers are able to know whether the truck or any vehicle is in the work zone or it’s out of the route by checking the compared data, such as the using of truck and sugar cane harvester. We can match them where and when are they working.  In addition, we can track the status of sugar cane harvester and the truck with defined conditions, such as the starting of the vehicle. This will be notified from the sensors installed in the vehicles and inform alert on NOSTRA LOGISTICS system.

What are the Benefits of NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Agriculture Logistics?

Systematical planning, real-time data, and traceable information

Good quality of transportation will increase the efficiency in both of its transportation and the quality of agricultural products. For example, managing the right route and right vehicle for the workloads, knowing the status and location of the vehicle in real-time, transporting the product from the right planting source with the right amount of demand and deliver to the right destination in the right time, traceable, offering the data to guarantee the quality of products.

Reduce the overall cost and save the time in operations

The transportation management system of NOSTRA LOGISTICS supports the function of route optimization and tracking for shipment to follow on plan and save the time as much as possible. Maximizing fleet utilization will increase the efficiency of the resources and well manage the overall cost.

Reduce the damage from the transportation before delivering to the market

With sensors, you can control and monitor the product during the transportation or the operation in the vehicle. This will reduce the damage of agricultural products, such as the rots and the spoilages. Maintaining good quality of products will increase the profits and agricultural product values providing more opportunity to compete in the high-competitive market of price and quality.

Build the trustworthy and satisfaction for consumers

Consumers will trust and satisfy on products, when the product can prove for their good quality. When you use the NOSTRA LOGISTICS tool, it can improve for your transportation management and product quality. Moreover, you get traceable data for products to help you understand what it take to go during transportation from start to the end. This will add the product values in the market to get the best profits.

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