One Stop Smart Transportation & Logistics Solution

NOSTRA LOGISTICS, professional transportation and logistics management system, can reduces cost and expense, and enhance efficiency of resources used in transportation work. To extend from standard vehicle tracking and build the most benefit to customers, we develop and integrate transportation technology: GPS Tracking, Telematics, Internet of Thing (IoT), Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and NOSTRA Map the No.1 most accurate Thailand Map in the country.

System capabilities are product delivery management and route planning, vehicle tracking and monitoring, safe driving prevention and warning, summary reports and dashboards, and vehicle maintenance planning. It is easy to use through web application and mobile application, accessible anytime anywhere on Cloud Service System with real-time data.

Currently, the NOSTRA LOGISTICS System has three types of Subscriptions: GPS Tracking, Fleet Management and Telematics Technology. We can design solutions to meet different business requirements and assure customers about our consistent products and after sales service standard, which has gained trust from leading logistics companies in the country.

NOSTRA LOGISTICS – Solution for Transportation and Logistics Management, Leads Logistics Business to Logistics 4.0

Total Solutions for Transportation & Logistics Management

GIS Company has developed total solutions for transportation and logistics work for customers in every industry. The functions of NOSTRA LOGISTICS extend from Tracking & Fleet Management, Shipment Management and Navigation; with additions in Road Safety Management, Eco-Driving & Maintenance Management by Telematics Technology. It can also be connected to other existing Logistics systems, which customers are using and share data such as Resource Optimization and Transportation Management System. Hence, the NOSTRA LOGISTICS will maximize efficiency in transportation and logistics management.

Accurate and Reliable Data

We have run and tested our system and hardware that collect vehicle engine and driving data, until we are confident about the quality of data. Customers could track and monitor driving route, driving behaviour to vehicle engine data, collect historical vehicle usage data, see many types of report formats, in order to evaluate and plan allocation of resources to obtain maximum efficiency, reduce fuel energy consumption and vehicle maintenance planning to extend vehicle lifetime. The NOSTRA LOGISTICS provides services through Cloud Service, where data is collected and maintained safely and is always available anytime and anywhere.

Professional Service Level with Expert Team

Our pre-sales and after sales service team are professionals with over 20 years’ experience, and ready to provide consulting and develop new technology and solution for customers on a continual basis. Guarantee confidence in our service with Service Level Agreement (SLA). Currently, we have gained trust from over 400 leading logistics companies in Thailand, who choose to use NOSTRA LOGISTICS System to support their business success.

Flexible with Optional Packages

We understand that our customers’ demand differs, therefore, 3 types of NOSTRA LOGISTICS Subscriptions are designed to allocate operation functions appropriately and in balance.



Subscription for standard transportation and logistics management, which meets vehicle tracking and monitoring requirements. Reports are also connected to Department of Land Transport’s GPS Monitoring and Transportation Management Center.



Fulfill transportation and logistics management process, Subscription for every business size, full options from shipment management and route planning, fleet management, vehicle tracking and monitoring to issuing summary reports in many formats.



This Subscription is even more complete in transportation and logistics management with Telematics, IoT and Big Data Analytics technologies, that support safe driving throughout the trip. At the same time, it collects drivers’ behaviour and vehicle engine data in details, whereby data is analysed in order to improve driving efficiency and plan vehicle maintenance.